Rio Ammunition

More than one hundred years of history and the most advanced technologies are combined in RIO Cartridges. Always relying on the latest developments in the industry, we offer everything from classical cartridges to state of the art products for the most specialised forms of hunting and shooting enabling us to satisfy any of your needs.

Leveraging the strategic advantage of their vertical integration, RIO uses its own components to produce their hunting and shooting cartridges. This allows RIO to offer its consumers a marked benefit in quality, consistency and variety translating into an economically priced, yet cutting-edge product line designed for today’s highly competitive market.

Faithful to its long tradition, RIO’s objective today is to continue offering hunters and competitive shooters dependable, versatile hunting and shooting cartridges that they can use in any conditions. Millions of hunters and shooters around the world enjoy their experience in shooting ranges or during hunting seasons with RIO and its reliable, high-performance hunting and shooting cartridges.

Our experience makes the difference.